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A glance at our traditional recipes



Peasant rusk with cheese & tomato

Eggplant salad

Fresh grilled eggplants with mayonnaise and fresh parsley

Zucchini balls

Delicious fried pancakes or fritters with grated zucchini

Main Course


Souffle au aubergines with mince and béchamel sauce au gratin


spaghetti with egg, hard cheese, bacon, and black pepper.


Stuffed tomatoes and peppers

Chicken fillet

Chicken breasts onto the grill


Fried codfish with garlic sauce

Veal cutlet

grilled with the classic and delicious way

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Panaretos Catering

Having an event on the island? We can cater to any event! Enjoy the moment! Just leave the food to us!

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Provenza Cafeneion

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Have an authentic taste of Greece

Welcome to Kythira

Our friendly staff and freshly prepared food provide all our visitors with a unique experience.  You can taste some of the best greek specialities  prepared with the finest ingredients and a fresh perpsective. Panaretos taverna has to propose you special dishes. 

Panaretos restaurant established in 1996 aiming to offer  authentic greek cooking with emphasis on friendly atmosphere  and fresh ingredients. The kitchen brings together its influences to create fresh dishes based in traditional greek cuisine. We invite you to stop in today and ckeck us out!

Dimitris Panaretos

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Potamos central square 80200, Kythira, Greece


This Location is wheelchair accessible